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by Christina

Catering, Birthday Cakes, Weddings and much more
gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free, soy-free on request.

About me

Hi and welcome, I'm Christina, the creative force behind Borboleta Verde.Cooking and baking have always been a source of joy for me, ever since my childhood. I have fond memories of spending countless hours in the kitchen with my grandmother, and growing up in a family that valued wholesome eating habits.However, with the arrival of my first child, my approach to food and nutrition underwent a significant transformation. For nearly 8 years now, my family and I have embraced a completely plant-based/vegan lifestyle.Through my deep-seated passion for plant-based nutrition, I try to encourage individuals to incorporate more fresh and homemade food into their diets and to take pleasure in presenting it beautifully. By doing so, they can nourish their bodies naturally with the abundance of nutrients found in fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers, and ultimately lead a healthier lifestyle.

Where you can find me

The kitchen and bar in Beirã is now closed. My new location will be announced soon.

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No matter if birthday party or company event, we cook delicious vegan food according to your wishes and deliver everything directly to you.

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